Impressions méditerranéennes

Note: I'm not known to be a great photographer. The blogpost below probably won't change this but is hopefully enough to giving a vague impression of the underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea.


There are two reasons why this blogpost is mostly photographic. First, I thought that after some rather chunky written text in the first four blogs, it is time to provide a lighter post. Second, after travelling for 35 hours (the fourth time in 2 months), my brain isn't quite up to scratch yet. This isn't to say that it ever is but serves as a convenient excuse for working with pretty pictures rather than complex ideas.

Below, you will find photos of randomly photographed sea creatures, including cephalopods during luncheon, glowing jellyfish, and hallucinogenic fish. Most of them are hopefully ID'd correctly. Note that I'm not smart enough to use italics in photo captions when using a gallery. Makes the scientist in me cringe but what can you do.